Mykonos Island

We welcome you to one of the most favourite destinations all over the world. The island of Mykonos, well known for its cosmopolitan character and its idyllic beauty, the luxury and simplicity, will surely thrill you.

It is worth wandering around the town of Mykonos (Chora), through the picturesque, white washed houses, the flagstoned paved narrow streets, the chapels, the bars and restaurants staring at the sunset and the captivating beauty of the island of Delos.

Beaches of ravishing beauty, adorned by the crystal blue seawater, windmills, pigeon houses along with the frantic entertainment and the unforgettable sense of food taste, the hospitable people and people famous all over the world Mykonos offers what everyone looks for.

Enjoy swimming, wandering, food taste and dance. Just let things take their course, live your dreams!