About Agnandi Cielo

Agnandi has a history… My parents, Vassilis and Tania, built the complex with love, dedication and strong desire, such as those that they would put in building their own house.

Agnandi Cielo is a place of relaxation and calmness, located in just 500 metres above the new port, on the hill which faces splendidly the town of Mykonos (Chora) and the near islands.

The whole complex of ten lodgings, along with a refreshing swimming pool, is surrounded by purple bougainvillea and geranium flowers and is extended to a large all green, almost 6 acre garden.

The complex has been recently renovated by the architects of the family. It is also adequately equipped and designed so as to cover various requirements, all of the lodgings constituting (making up) a model of remarkable esthetic beauty and comfort.

The Agnandi Cielo team is now awaiting you, promising to follow the story of the place. A story full of friendships inspired from the greek hospitality spirit and ideal images of joy.

Linda Agnandicielo Linda Sklika